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Yesterday I released version 0.17 of Storm. This release fixes a checkpointing bug that could cause coherency issues in certain situations involving triggers. It introduces a handful of new features and optimizations including the ability to get a Select expression from a ResultSet, which is useful when building a query with a subselect. It also […]

In Storm, the Store.find method runs a query and returns matching objects. Finding all accounts in the database, the equivalent of SELECT * FROM account, is simple: result = store.find(Account) Clauses to limit the scope of the query can be passed to find. Finding all accounts owned by Vince Offer, the equivalent of SELECT * […]

People ask me questions about Storm several times a week, and I’m happy to help where I can, but it would be better if the information our users need was easier to find. Our documentation story is weak and, as a result, Storm is harder to discover than it ought to be. If you do […]

Today I gave a talk about Storm to the fine folks that make up the local Python users group. I think the talk went alright. It wasn’t awesome but I don’t think it was terrible either. It’s the third public talk I’ve given, pretty much ever, and so I have a lot to learn about […]

Yesterday I released version 0.16 of Storm. This release fixes some memory leaks and introduces a handful of new features.  The number of changes since 0.15 aren’t vast, but we’re trying to get into the habit of releasing regularly, so hopefully this will become a trend.  The release notes have detailed information about the changes […]