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I’ve migrated to Octopress and moved my blog to Please update your links. Advertisements

Earlier this year I was working with Canonical’s design team. We were putting our heads together to develop a fantastic cloud user experience in Landscape. I created a concept map to help clarify the various artefacts involved in the EC2 API. It’s not entirely complete, but it does capture the most important aspects of the […]

UPDATE I’ve moved my emacs configuration to GitHub. Some time ago during a sprint, I noticed that Free Ekanayaka, one of my Landscape teammates, had excellent pyflakes/flymake integration that dramatically improved the experience of editing Python files in emacs. When I asked him about it he kindly offered to share his configuration and I was […]

Hello, world!


For some time I’ve wanted a place to write about nerd-related things. This blog is the designated space for that kind of thing.